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Built on an ‘A’ Frame design our Bird Houses are the simplest structures at Bradmoor Woods. They are supremely comfortable though and are incredibly strong as well as being the perfect low-impact woodland structure. A bit less swanky than the others but in them you really are closer to nature.

All of our Bird Houses feature raised beds and are constructed with a solid wooden roof that extends down the sides of the building, forming 2 of the walls. The other 2 walls are made from canvas which has the added benefit of giving a light airy feel to the structures and keeps them cool during the height of the summer.

The Bird Houses are dotted amongst the trees behind the Meeting House just far enough away from the main hub of the camp to offer peace and quiet, whilst also being close enough to all the amenities.



The Railway Carriages have either a double bed, a double and a single bed or a double bed and a bunk and sleep up to 3 people in immense comfort.

More than 100 years old, our first Converted Railway Carriage was originally bought from the Station Master at Swaffham station – It was transported to West Acre in the 1970’s on its steel wheels. Pulled by four Shire Horses which used to plough the fields at WestAcre and was once a welcome location for shooting lunches on the estate. 

We have repurposed and refurbished these beautiful original carriages and turned them into fantastic places to stay and sleep in the woods.

It was so popular we have dredged a couple more decrepit boxcars from their not quite final resting place and converted a further 2 carriages, all featuring solid wood panelling, huge glass windows and classic French enamel stoves to keep you toasty in the night.



Perhaps the ultimate repurposed camping structures, we currently have 2 silos at Bradmoor Woods that originally served as grain storage on one of the estate farms. Now completely redesigned as sleeping structures, these fantastic metal buildings give a large yurt like experience.

Fully insulated and then wood lined, the silos make a great place for families to stay.  They have each have a double bed, a small single and a large floorspace so if you wish to bring an extra mattress etc for a child to bed down on the floor you may.  They are heated with a french enamel stove.  This extra floorspace is due to the round nature of the structure and makes for a great place to escape any bad weather and play board games or draw.

The silos are situated a little bit further away from the Round House and the Loo/Shower block but are lovely and peaceful.