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You’ll be met and given a walk through of how things work, what doesn’t and there will be written instructions for all major bits of equipment so that if it doesn’t all sink in on induction you’re not on your own. There’s also a phone number for emergencies.

    Bradmoor Woods has 12 Spaces with 36 adult sized beds and 1 child-sized bed within the sleeping structures. You are free to make additional sleeping arrangements for children within the structures but we request that no additional adults stay in the structures. We make a small charge for pitching a tent for each stay. Our Structures: Grain silos 1: 1 king size bed, 1 single (sleeps 3) Grain silos 2: 1 king size bed, 1 single (sleeps 3) Xenia: 2 double beds up a ladder (4 adults or 2 adults + 2/3 kids) (sleeps 4) The Dorm Tepee: 1 double bed & 6 single beds (sleeps 8) Cattle Truck 1: 1 king size bed (sleeps 2) Cattle Truck 2: 1 king size bed & bunk beds (sleeps 4) Cattle Truck 3: 1 king size bed & 1 small child’s bed (sleeps 3) Birdhouses (A frames) x 5: 5 double beds or 10 single (2 people in each). Can be pushed together easily if you decide to have any doubles. Valkyrie is no longer a sleeping pod and has been replaced with a large tipi called The Dorm which sleeps 8 Extra camping space to pitch your own - there is plenty of woodland for pitching your own, should you wish to have more people - £15 per tent.
    You can bring your own, you can call in caterers who can recommend or you can go and explore all the amazing gastropubs, cafes, and farm shop offerings. We have an enormous cool box, otherwise known has an old (not plugged in) chest freezer which will keep ice cold for days. So bring bags of ice to keep your victuals cold. We have kitted out the kitchen with a hundred mugs, numerous plates, bowls, cutlery, pans, pint and wine glasses etc everything you need to cook, eat and drink with. There are 3 butlers sinks (one with hot water tap and two with cold drinking water) and 3 double gas burners but NO OVEN. We also provide BBQ’s large and small with charcoal included. Or try the pizza oven in the Roundhouse which is great fun with a group of friends and family – all wood provided.
    The whole site is powered by solar panels which charge 12 volt batteries during the day for the lights at night, so there is no mains electric. We have a few usb ports in the kitchen for charging phones and a fairly decent sound system set up in the roundhouse that operates off of the solar system but no 240 Volt power sockets. Bradmoor Woods has been set up to be as ecologically minded as possible and as such is a generator free zone. Along the utilities theme, there is also no WiFi or 3G but there is a good phone signal for most people.
    The Bird Houses don’t have them, but all of the other huts do have wood burners in them (except Valkyrie). You will find one box of wood next to each wood burner for your weekend and a wood shed to replenish from. We provide you with dry wood for the wood burners and brasiers because, combined with a bit of basic intelligence and understanding of physics, dry wood is the key to a successful fire and we don’t want the woods to be stripped of their natural flora either! Fires, either you can light them or you can’t but its really easy to learn and YouTube has lots of helpful clips with men with beards and camouflage gear. They usually recommend flints, bow drills, or sticks to rub together. We take a more modern approach and suggest firelighters and paper. Please don’t light them in places we haven’t and stick to the fire pits we’ve put in. Please do not use our logs in the fire pits/bonfire as they will burn too fast and demolish our supply of logs.
    We like the sound of the birds tweeting and the stags rutting, but if you’d rather the strings of a guitar or the beats of a drum, we do have a sound system that you can use. It is powered by the solar system – so no generator required and consists of a set of four 6×9 car speakers, with a good amp and a subwoofer. It produces a fairly good quality, loud sound, but not quite enough to piss off the neighbours!
    We’ll provide sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases… beds all made up on hollow fibre pillows and 13 tog hollow fibre duvets so no feathers and super warm just incase of British weather.
    WE DON’T PROVIDE TOWELS. We really don’t, we’re not just saying that and in fact have a huge stash of them you can dip into. We don’t supply towels, if you want to dry yourself with a towel you’ll need to bring one. There is plenty of bracken you could pick and use for a real back to nature experience but really it would be better just to remember the towels.
  • CARS
    Obviously you will need one and possibly a back up trailer to get your family and all its stuff to Bradmoor, however you won’t be able to park it next to your woodland home. There is only enough parking space for around 25 vehicles and there is a parking area next to the woods, but to get your kit into the woods we have a fleet of barrows and trolleys. We suggest making this part of the adventure and getting your children to help. This will help avoid a major family row, and a teenager locking themselves in the car, before you’ve even entered the woods.
    It is very easy to get disorientated and lost so really its best to stick to the paths which are all clearly marked and to pay attention to the maps of the site which are dotted around the place. Mercifully if you do get lost there is a good mobile signal so you can call your friends and get them to come and rescue you or talk you in.
    Woods aren’t for stripping off and sunbathing, quite the opposite, you need to cover up and keep your stuff dry so bring long sleeved shirts, hoodies, jumpers etc for the evenings when it gets chilly, trousers for exploring (nettles, scratchy things, brambles etc) and sensible shoes – really. Also you’d be mad not to bring some warm things even in the height of summer it gets chilly at night and some wet weather gear, jackets and trousers. Norfolk is traditionally one of the UK’s driest counties but rain has been known and its just as wet here as it is everywhere else. However above and beyond all of these the things you will find most useful are torches, handheld and worn on head variety. Bring plenty of both – and batteries. We have battery powered lanterns dotted around and along the paths we have installed LED lights to light you to your bed but – better safe than sorry…
    We’re pretty relaxed about most things but we have a few rules we won’t break and hope you won’t either: 1. No dogs. 2. No fires except in the places we say you can have them. 3. No glass.
    Being in the woods isn’t inherently any more dangerous than being in an actual old fashioned camp site, but you do have to be careful – its easy to trip and fall over, its easy to get splinters, you could burn yourself fiddling around with the fire, you could cut yourself on a knife while making a bow and arrow. Equally you might not. However should you cause yourself any damage rest assured that there is a fully equipped medical kit on site (it is checked at each handover and you will be asked to sign for it) and also fire extinguishers and strategically placed buckets of water. You will be given an emergency plan which has really useful information together with all the numbers you will need should things go horribly wrong but, don’t let this put you off – we’re just being sensible and making sure that if there is a problem you know what to do and who to contact. We have a first aid kit and a fire blanket in the kitchen and there are 13 fire extinguishers on site.


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