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​You brave, adventurous, funseeking, woodland campers. Being at our woods is an experience like no other. Your new neighbours will be herds of Red, Fallow, and Roe Deer and despite the gamekeeper’s best efforts quite a few Muntjac. There are also foxes, badgers, stoats, and weasels. Hunting Buzzards circle and scream overhead, and all the while the River Nar meanders past teeming with aquatic life, fish, water voles, frogs, mayflies, and if you’re lucky the flashing brilliance of an otter chasing a brown trout upstream…



We designed Bradmoor Woods with groups in mind – groups of people who know each other or who have come together to share a common interest.

Bradmoor Woods is ideal for family and friends gathering together. Birthdays, anniversaries… but also yoga and other retreats, forest schools, bushcraft, summer camps.  Just about anyone who loves the idea of getting back to nature and living amongst it. The idea is that there can be a lot of you there but you’re not all falling over each other.

Set just a short drive from the bustling market town of Swaffham, just 2 and a half hours from Central London.  Our unique venue has been designed to allow you to explore the beautiful woodland and let your imaginations run wild.

All of our camping takes place in our specially built camping structures that encourage you to run, play and enjoy the best that this incredible countryside has to offer. Pick whether you want to sleep in one of our Bird Houses, a Silo, an old Railway Carriage, the Dorm Teepee or an upturned hull named Xenia, hidden deep in the woods next to a glade.

Built and designed by Alec, John and Liam. Bradmoor Woods is your refuge from the ordinary. A sensory overload of incredible structures that you can explore in an expansive woodland setting. An escape from the pressures of everyday life.

Before you rush straight to booking the site, we need to let you know, woodland camping is NOT for the fainthearted. Bradmoor is a truly wild location set in dozens of acres of mature Norfolk woodland.

Camping and the outdoors are our real passion and we’ve created Bradmoor Woods in order to be able to share that passion with everyone else. We truly hope you love it as much as we do.

If the dates you are looking for are unavailable or you’re looking for a smaller venue, please look at our sister glamping site 4 Ton tents

Alec & Lucy Birkbeck


Our 4 Ton Tents are three ex army trucks converted into luxury accommodation.  Two are kitted out for sleeping 4 people with a double bed and a bunk bed. There is a table, chairs and bench area in each truck. The third truck has a double bed.   The two trucks with bunks can also have a separate children's bed in the cab upfront behind the driving seats (this is just under 6ft so not for tall people), available upon request.


The trucks are accessed by steep steps up to a platform and have a cover of weather-proof canvas with windows and roll up blinds, hence the name 4 ton tents! 

Fairy lights and lanterns are provided to light the inside of the accommodation but the camp is not lit so bring torches!

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